photo by mytvdinner (Flickr CC)

In general, conservatives don’t like social welfare programs. They do claim, however, to value freedom of choice, so long as it has nothing to do with social welfare programs – those are gifts from taxpayers to welfare queens and they have strings attached.

So it’s no surprise that Florida Republican state senator Ronda Storms thinks federal food stamps should only be used for healthy foods – but maybe she’s right. A bit of good old-fashioned social engineering is what welfare is all about or at least what it should be about.

I mean why should the poor be encouraged (by advertising) and facilitated (by the government) to buy food that kills them, especially when Florida is cutting Medicaid, education funding and state jobs? Sounds like a recipe to keep the poor poor, make a bit of money off of them, and then kill them.

Of course they shouldn’t be cutting jobs, education and healthcare benefits either. Not if they want social and economic mobility to increase and crime and health problems to decrease. Opposition to the Republican state senator’s bill is coming from both Democrats and (of course) junk food producers and sellers, who make money killing people.

Strange bedfellows or just different issues colliding?

And there are other issues of course, like the shaming of the poor and the fact that everyone deserves to enjoy a nice sweet snack, regardless of their income. But come on; let’s be more practical than sensitive. Health is more important than hurt feelings and indulgence, which can be dealt with in other ways than food stamps perhaps.

Come on, Florida. Get creative!

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