image by Thierry Ehrmann (Abode of Chaos on Flickr CC)

Time Magazine has cited a source close to Colonel Gaddafi’s regime in Libya claiming that the North African dictator may sabotage oilfields and pipelines to the Mediterranean Sea.

In the first Gulf War of 1991, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein ordered engineers to burn oil fields and blow up wells in Kuwait, burning one billion barrels of crude and creating an ecological catastrophe which killed vegetation and wildlife, polluted groundwater and poisoned the local human population.

Besides cutting oil supplies to Europe, if Gaddafi carries out such an act of wanton destruction, a serious environmental tragedy may add to the human tragedy already taking place in Libya.

Information coming out of Libya is scarce and unreliable and the Time source acknowledges that Gaddafi may be bluffing.

Read more here and see the below video report from ITN for more on the story.

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