photo by maywaskind (Flickr CC)

The city of Newcastle in the UK is being hit by ‘biblical’ weather. Hail storms, flooding, lightning… it’s enough to make residents engage in that well-loved English national pastime: complaining about the weather.

The freakish weather in the region has resulted in the closings of schools, roads, shops, transport stations and more.

A supercell or rotating thunderstorm hovered above Newcastle, turning roads into rivers and sending a spectacular bolt of lightening straight into the Tyne River Bridge. I hope it wasn’t the US military testing their new laser-guided lighting weapon.

Meanwhile in Leicestershire golf ball sized hail stones damaged cars in one village and in Gateshead the roof of the local Ikea collapsed. To be fair it was probably missing some of the screws or put together wrong.


Many roads in Hereford were submerged and in Shropshire three people, including a man aged 90, were rescued as flood water rose around their car. The Met Office said the deluge was the result of warm air from Africa meeting cold air over Britain.

See ITV News for more video, photos and details and check out the biblical lightning strike below.