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A rare bear has been repeatedly spotted in Cape Cod, USA, making it an unlikely celebrity in the popular Massachusetts tourist destination. It is believed to have arrived in the town of West Barnstable via the Cape Cod Canal in search of food.

Bears generally avoid humans but are attracted to food smells, which sometimes brings them to populated areas. In the spring they like to eat grass, then berries and onions, and finally nuts.

Read more about it in the Cape Cod Times.

In the Piedmont region of the State of North Carolina, where black bears are poised to make a comeback, the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission – supposedly a conservation agency – is opening the Piedmont to bear hunters.

This is probably due to people’s fears, even though black bears avoid humans.

A wildlife biologist writes in the Charlotte Observer:

The state is using hunters to stop a wildlife success story. If black bears were ferocious bears, like grizzlies, I could understand. But black bears are mostly vegetarian, secretive, mild-mannered animals.

Lastly, a large bear has been filmed taking a dip in a swimming pool in Monrovia, California, a city in Los Angeles county.

Check out the footage:

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