photo by gerriet (Flickr CC)

Well, we can’t always post serious news.

Here are a couple of cute videos demonstrating how pets help their owners in unusual ways. We’ve all heard of the dog that fetches the morning paper and the cat that catches mice or keeps your feet warm (if you can’t bear the thought of a dead mouse).

And now for something completely different.

How about a Newfoundland Labrador in Norfolk, UK who helps his owner thatch roofs? He’s a thatcher and his name is Axel, not Margaret. OK, so he doesn’t actually do any work, but he sits on the roof and keeps the workers company.

Check out the video report from ITN News:

The next video you may have already seen. It’s a cat that gets its owner out of bed in the morning. Nothing strange there, right? The way this cat accomplishes this, however, has sparked a bit of an internet sensation, otherwise known as ‘going viral’.

As with most short, sweet and silly video reports, it’s also from ITN.