photo by Justin Balog (Flickr CC)

You might if you saw this one. It doesn’t smell of rotting fish or have a layer of decomposed banana peels lining the floor.

Quite the contrary – it’s got hardwood floors, a granite and stainless steel kitchen, a hideaway toilet, shower and a pop-up roof with windows. It’s even got an outdoor barbeque for those sunny days when you just don’t feel like cooking inside your dumpster home.

Berkley, California artist Gregory Kloehn, who is apparently descended from Abraham Lincoln, took the challenge to build a livable home out of a dumpster. And he’s done pretty well.

Normally Kloehn builds homes, offices and sound studios out of storage containers ­– something innovative, but comparatively widespread in places like the Netherlands.

From the Huffington Post:

While the small house movement — a social and architectural movement that promotes living in very small homes — has been primarily embraced by rural communities, Kloehn’s idea focuses the concept where space utilization is needed most: in cities. Supporters of the movement claim that living small is better for the planet and, arguably, better for people. In an interview with Dwell magazine, writer Mimi Zeiger, author of Tiny Houses, claimed that living small naturally leads to a more sustainable and less complicated life.

While Kloehn’s dumpster house might be a bit cramped for a family of four, I don’t see why students – even spoiled brat, middle class students – couldn’t thrive in communities of dumpsters. They could even push them together to make little communities of hipster Oscar the Grouches.

Check out the following short film by Kloehn’s neighbor Kim Aronson and read more in the San Francisco Chronicle and on Greg Kloehn’s website.