Image capture from infographic by, an innovative new website which gives everyone a chance to follow the dramas of wild tigers in their Indian forest homes and at the same time help protect India’s wild tigers, launched this week.

The site gives a graphic, never before illustrated insight into India’s threatened tiger population. Take a look at the infographic and video below to understand fully what Tiger Nation is trying to achieve and how important their cause is.

This is an exciting website with everyone encouraged to have fun, learn and get involved in protecting the tigers. Subscribers to the site can follow the lives and welfare of their favourite ‘star’ tigers (and their cubs) and read daily updates on their newsfeeds, as well as access to amazing 3D maps of their tigers’ homes, up to date images, articles and film clips from the world’s top photographers and tiger experts and even have the opportunity to name wild tigers as they are discovered.

One part of the technology used by Tiger Nation has, up until now, not been accessible to the general public. As many of you will know, tiger stripes are as unique to individual tigers as fingerprints are to humans. The Tiger Nation ID software works by using safari goers’, naturalist and photographers to uploaded photographs or videos and combining them with images taken by Government and NGO cameras to match them.  Each animal is logged and pictorially tracked, allowing a unique, non-invasive monitoring mechanism.

In a groundbreaking move through what is today called ‘citizen science’, subscribers of the site can now support and protect India’s wild tigers, counted at just 1,706 in the last census.

It is estimated that up to 45% of tigers are dying of unnatural causes such as poaching, however, without formal identification; the exact number killed each year would continue to go unnoticed. With over two million trips made to tiger reserves each year by both Indian and international holidaymakers, responsible visitors and photographers now have the opportunity to get to know and ultimately protect wild tigers in their natural habitat – with just the click of the mouse.

Tiger Nation Founder Julian Matthews says;

This site allows anybody to be a part of conservation efforts to protect these extraordinary animals. Tiger Nation represents the true meaning of people-powered conservation and we encourage the public to get involved by joining the site and supporting the teams on the ground. In doing so, we hope to uncover a more realistic picture of this magnificent species.