Student of architecture, Andre Ford, has proposed a new system of mass chicken production, in which, according to, the birds will no longer have the main core of their brains. This means they won’t be able to suffer the atrocity of being packed in vertical yokes in which they are to grow to eventually end up on our plates.

The project, named The Centre for Unconscious Farming, is a response to the increase in chicken meat consumption and the cruelty associated with it that is so prevalent on factory farms.

Unconscious birds, in a manner resembling growing plants, will be connected to a network of tubes, through which food and water will be delivered.

Credits: Andre Ford


The vertical farm is designed to be more efficient than the traditional one. There could be as many as 11.7 chickens grown from one cubic metre in one of these new farms, whilst ‘only’ 3.2 chickens can be produced from a traditional farm.

Credits: Andre Ford

A mini-farm like this could even be installed and set up to work at home.

Credits: Andre Ford


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