photo by Josecamilom (Creative Commons)

The Colombian Institute of Geology Ingeominas recommended the evacuation of about eight thousand people living near the Galeras volcano. Its activity has increased recently and the threat of eruption is becoming increasingly serious.

An orange alert has been announced – the second highest in the four-level scale. This means that the outbreak can occur within days or weeks. – Ingeominas vice president, Marta Calvache said.

Galeras rising to a height of 4270 meters above sea level in southwestern Colombia near the Ecuador border has been showing continuous activity for the last
20 years.

The last of the explosions, which entailed fatalities, occurred in 1993 when nine people were killed.

As Calvache said, in the last 48 hours seismic movements similar to the preceding previous eruptions have been recorded, and therefore evacuation is recommended.