Image by Erik Christensen (source: Wikimedia Commons)

Earlier today Shell reported an oil spill at its Gannet Alpha platform about 180 km from Aberdeen close to the U.K. shore at the North Sea.

Although the leak has been partially contained, some leakage of unknown volume is still going on. The amount of oil that already leaked into the North Sea is also still unclear.

The leak was discovered by an unmanned submarine after an oil sheen had been observed in the area. Following this find, Shell immediately removed the pressure of the pipeline, and started taking further steps to isolate the leak.

The local Maritime and Coastguard Agency said to be aware of the incident and to monitor the situation.

In the past two years, 10 leak incidents occurred at the Gannet Alpha platform. Only one of the incidents was considered “significant”, while all the others where considered to be “minor” spills.