Image by The Library of Congress (source: Flickr)

News items about carbon emissions, global warming and heating trends of our planet are hot these days. No surprise there, as scientists and world leaders are getting ready for the next round of United Nations climate talks next week in Cancun.

Unfortunately, as I already pointed out before, nobody is expecting anything remotely exciting to come out of COP16. With a little bit of luck, some regulations about deforestation and some REDD financing schemes will see the light at the end of yet another useless gathering.

In the meantime scientists are feeding us with more and more alarming numbers about our changing climate.

According to the most recent figures, 2010 might soon become the hottest year on record, going back as far as 1850. For scientists, this is a new sign of a warming trend that in turn will cause more natural disasters like flooding, heat waves and rising sea levels.