Image Source: Flickr. By: Jeremy Levine Design.

Remember the article a few months ago about the Globama Campaign? If not, the campaign was an idea to get the White House to go solar; more specifically, solar company Sungevity offered to install a rooftop solar panel system on the President’s infamous home for free.

It would seem all that campaigning and petitioning finally paid off because the White House is officially announcing plans to go solar! I’m not sure if they took Sungevity’s offer specifically, but what I do know is the solar panels will be installed above the White House’s living quarters, by spring 2011. The panels will be used to heat water and provide some electricity.

The decision to go solar apparently comes after much pressure from environmental groups and solar panel companies. Activists from carried a solar panel from Maine to Washington, urging Obama to go solar. This may not necessarily be a big deal, except the solar panel they brought with them was actually part of the White House during the term of former President Jimmy Carter. Yes, the White House was solar in the past–twice! The other time was during George W. Bush’s term. Yes, ‘Dubya’ actually went solar. Can you believe it? I sure can’t.

With the White House going solar for a third time, it is hoped that homes and businesses across the country will take up the renewable energy initiative, too. Aside from that, we can only wonder how long it will be before other governmental offices around the world decide to do the same.

Check out the official press release here. The announcement from the White House won’t officially be made until later today (Tuesday).