image credit: Lord Mariser (Flickr CC)

A special report from France24 explores current conditions in the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

As BP is preparing to permanently seal the damaged well in the Gulf, the local community, environment and economy struggle to recover as oil and dispersant pollution continues to inflict damage.

The France24 report explores BP’s ongoing influence in the Gulf of Mexico, including the legal and scientific communities there, the flow of information about conditions on the ground and in the water; and the oil giant’s shoddy, superficial cleanup efforts.

Scientists in the Gulf States were also alarmed at what they say were attempts by BP to buy up entire departments of Universities asking the scientists’ there to work exclusively for the petroleum company and to refrain from releasing any of their findings for a three year minimum. Expert witnesses can earn up to $350 a day working for BP.


Read the entire article from France24 and check out the below video report:

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