Greenpeace Austria’s virtual campaign to stop the nuclear ambitions of the Italian Prime Minister has begun.

Through a dedicated website, stop-berlusconi, the Austrian people are being requested to sign an online petition asking Berlusconi to keep Italy – like Austria – “nuclear free” .

Many Austrians are concerned above all because one of the most likely nuclear sites in Italy, Chioggia, is close to their borders, particularly the two Austrian provinces Carinthia and Styria.

A reactor in Chioggia, 30 km from Venice, near the popular beaches of the Adriatic, would be a major risk for people that live in this area, but it is also a problem for all people that want to live in a better world.

To get signatures of German and Austrian tourists, volunteers from Greenpeace Austria visited Lignano Jesolo, Bibione and Caorle, two places near Chioggia.