Greenpeace Austria’s virtual campaign to stop the nuclear ambitions of the Italian Prime Minister has begun.

Through a dedicated website, stop-berlusconi, the Austrian people are being requested to sign an online petition asking Berlusconi to keep Italy – like Austria – ”nuclear free” .

Many Austrians are concerned above all because one of the most likely nuclear sites in Italy, Chioggia, is close to their borders, particularly the two Austrian provinces Carinthia and Styria.

A reactor in Chioggia, 30 km from Venice, near the popular beaches of the Adriatic, would be a major risk for people that live in this area, but it is also a problem for all people that want to live in a better world.

To get signatures of German and Austrian tourists, volunteers from Greenpeace Austria visited Lignano Jesolo, Bibione and Caorle, two places near Chioggia.


About The Author: lorenzo fantacuzzi

Lorenzo grew up in Italy, where he completed his studies in toxicology. He has always been interested in environment and pollution and worked with various associations. After college he began writing articles for scientific journals, collaborating as well with major research centrers in Europe. Now he lives in Gibraltar with his girlfriend, where he continues his work as a writer.


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