photo by Ric James (Flickr CC)

In a bit of ‘News of the Weird’ meets environmental activism, a protester glued herself to a desk in the Royal Band of Scotland’s headquarters on Friday.

Hundreds of activists have been holding a Climate Camp outside of RBS headquarters, near Edinburgh Scotland in protest of the bank’s loans to fossil fuel companies, thereby facilitating climate change or ‘climate chaos’.

From a Press Association report:

The activist managed to enter RBS by dressing like a businessperson – as opposed to an eco warrior – and thereafter glued her hands to a desk with super-glue. She was arrested after paramedics helped remove her hands from the desk.

The protests have been peaceful and relations more or less cordial between Climate Camp and RBS, the latter stating, ‘We are very willing to engage with any of the protest groups about climate change issues.’

For more on the story see the following article in the Scotsman:

Climate protester breaches RBS Gogarburn security and glues herself to desk