photo by Tabitha Kaylee Hawk (southerntabitha on Flickr Creative Commons)

You thought it might never happen, but yesterday evening BP successfully stopped the flow of oil from the broken well in the Gulf of Mexico.

The cap is a temporary fix – with the lasting solution being the drilling of a relief well scheduled to take place in a few weeks time. Both US President Barack Obama and BP’s chief expressed cautious optimism at the news that the oil leak in the Gulf was under control for the first time in 87 days.

From a report in the Guardian:

Doug Suttles, BP’s chief operating officer, said engineers would be checking carefully to make sure no oil was escaping from the well from previously undiscovered leaks. If that is the case, engineers would remove the cap and ramp up their containment operation from the well.

Since the Deepwater Horizon oilrig exploded on April 20th, the US has experienced its worst environmental disaster and the worst oil spill in history.

For more details on the story see this report from CNN:

No oil leaking as BP conducts critical pressure tests in Gulf oil well