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Greenpeace activists broke into Sweden’s Forsmark nuclear power plant on Monday, demanding parliament vote against the construction of new nuclear facilities.

Currently, Sweden has 10 nuclear reactors at 3 power stations and last year they reversed a decision to phase out nuclear power. Parliament is supposed to vote Thursday on whether or not to expand their nuclear facilities. The activists managed to get into the plant by scaling a fence, while others came by way of an inflatable boat in a nearby river.

None of them posed any threat to the plant’s operations, nor did they resist arrest (for breaking and entering charges). A few of them were able to make it to a rooftop and a number of them were dressed in bright yellow “sun” costumes to highlight the issue at hand. Greenpeace spokesperson, Ludvig Tillman, explained that the activists were protesting a “decision that will have consequences for hundreds of years if you think of the waste nuclear power creates”. He also added that:

“Replacing existing nuclear plants with new nuclear power would be a mistake of historical proportions.”

Those who work at the plant have taken the whole situation rather well. Spokesperson, Claes-Inge Andersson, commented:

“It is one thing to manage to climb over a fence, but it should not be possible for them to reach the vital parts [of the plant]. [They] are not here to damage the plant. They just want to protest a parliamentary decision.”

You can check out a video of the protest here.

There is a press release in English available here (via Google Translate).