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First it was actor Kevin Costner and his oil separation machines, now it’s Hollywood heavyweight James Cameron – director of Avatar, Titanic and the Terminator and Alien film series – who has offered to join in the quest for solutions to the Deepwater oil well leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

Cameron, an avid submariner, owns a considerable amount of deep-sea equipment and has become a bit of an expert in deep-sea filming and technology by virtue of his work on Titanic, The Abyss and several documentary films.

From Andrew C. Revkin’s Dot Earth blog in the New York Times:

I did six subsequent deep-ocean expeditions, spent nine months at sea and participated in 55 deep submarine dives. I’ve owned and operated my own submarines and pretty much know everybody in the deep-ocean world outside of the oil business. We are right at the cutting edge on this.

­–James Cameron

Cameron has assembled a team of independent experts, who met Tuesday for a brainstorming session regarding the spill. BP subsequently rejected Cameron’s offer of help.

The Canadian director was quoted referring to BP as ‘morons’ for how they were handling the oil well leak in the Gulf, but claims his statements were taken out of context.

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