Image Source: Screen capture from D-Vision.

There is something that we use everyday. We use it to see. We use it to work. Some even use it to keep the darkness at bay. What I am talking about is light and that is what the designs in this article are all about.

97% Soap Lamp
This ingenious design was created by D-Vision. What makes it so ingenious? Well, as the name says, the lamp is made almost entirely out of soap. During the molding process of the soap, a LED light is placed inside the core of the lamp. This combination of glycerin soap and an LED light works great for 2 reasons:

1. LED lights are actually quite cool to the touch and thus, they don’t really emit any heat to burn or melt anything (such as soap).

2. Glycerin soap is a great soft light diffuser and has a low melting temperature; plus it’s cheap and eco friendly.

Also, by using glycerin soap, the designers are able to add different fragrances and colors to each lamp, making every design unique.

If clean technology isn’t your thing, then you may be interested in these manually powered lamps, created by Gionata Gatto. Both lamps are relatively simple. The smaller, table lamp, dubbed the “Table Crank”, simply uses a hand crank to generate the electricity. The larger lamp, named the “Pedalator” is actually connected to a piece of cycling equipment. Users of this lamp will have to pedal their way through the dark in order to get the light they seek. Whichever lamp you choose to use, they both require 4 minutes of manual labor in order to get 30 minutes of light. Best of all, they operate completely off the grid.

Paper Task Light
The name of this light (like the others) really speaks for itself. Yes, it is made out of paper—or, at least, paper pulp. Designers Claesson Koivisto Rune and Wastberg combined their efforts to create this rather neat little lamp. Using LED lighting, the structure of the lamp is made entirely from a material called Durapulp. This material is made from a combination of paper pulp and Storch polymer, and can be folded into a number of interesting forms. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: this lamp is compostable and biodegradable.

That’s all for this article. Expect more designs later this week!