Image Source: Flickr. By: Vattenfall.

Finland announced plans to step up and meet EU requirements on cutting greenhouse gas emissions this week.

The EU requirement is to raise the share of renewable energy to 38% of energy consumption by 2020. In order to meet this goal, Finland must raise renewable energy production by 38 terawatt hours. How do they plan to reach this goal? Well, on top of using their current nuclear power system, Finland also plans on adding wood-based and wind energy systems, plus increasing the use of biofuels and heat pumps. Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen, stated:

“This addition of renewable energy is equivalent in scale to three big nuclear power plants.” … “In terms of scale, this is a massive solution.”

If all of these energy forms are put into action, it will cut Finland’s annual CO2 emissions by 7 million tons. Reducing coal use on top of that would cut an extra 2 million tons off their emissions.

What is your country doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?