Image Source: Screen capture from video.

A rare event happened in India yesterday. A tornado—with winds in excess of 100 mph (160 kph)—tore through the northeastern part of the country, injuring hundreds and leaving thousands homeless. At least 119 people were killed during the storm.

Rescue workers have been busy distributing rice, dried fruit, and water to the cyclone victims. Tarpaulins were also passed out to the people who lost their homes for building temporary shelters. Hundreds of uprooted trees and electricity poles have also been cleared from roads and other areas.

Nearly 50,000 mud huts were destroyed in West Bengal, along with thousands more in Bihar. To make matters even worse, no one had any warning that the tornado was coming. The weather department never bothered to notify or warn anyone of the impending danger, and so all victims were caught completely off-guard. M.B. Shajuruddin, a teacher in a West Bengal village, stated:

“Most people were sleeping when the cyclone struck. They ran out of their homes into the open.” … “We have so far received no government help … People are surviving on whatever they are left with.”

More information will be posted as it becomes available. You can check out a video about the cyclone here.