Image Source: Flickr. By: Globovision.

The worst rain in Rio de Janeiro’s history took 95 lives yesterday.

In less than 24 hours, the city saw 11 inches (29 cm) of rainfall and more is expected to come. Thousands of drivers were stranded overnight on roads blocked by the rising water. Landslides cut through roads and destroyed shantytowns. Homes of wood and concrete were torn apart and sent floating downhill. And at least 10,000 homes are still extremely vulnerable to damages from mudslides.

Mayor Eduardo Paes called for all workers to stay home and closed all schools. He also added:

“It is not advisable for people to leave their homes. We want to preserve lives.”

Rescue efforts are currently being taken care of by the Rio de Janeiro fire department. An anonymous representative of the department noted that on top of the 95 deaths, 44 others were hospitalized. He also stated that they “expect the death toll to rise.”

Further updates will be posted as they happen. You can check out a video about the flooding here.

Lead image by 8zil’s photostream (source: Flickr)