photo by Wang Jiuliang (source: 2009 Lianzhou International Photo Festival press images)

As China’s economy grows, so does the amount of rubbish it produces – by 10% each year. The Chinese government is struggling to keep up with the consumer society its economic policies have created. The resulting dumps and landfills – both official and illegal – are an ever-increasing blight on the country’s growing metropolitan areas.

One way to get rid of the rubbish is by burning it in government incinerators or simply out in the open, but this releases toxic fumes and dangerous pollution.

Photojournalist Wang Jiuliang has been documenting the waste problem in and around China’s capital of Beijing since 2008. See this Guardian slideshow of his award-winning work:

Photographer zooms in on Beijing’s waste

Be sure to also check out this Guardian video report on Wang Jiuliang’s documentation of the garbage problem in Beijing (click on the below link to watch the video):

Beijing’s rubbish dumps: the ‘seventh ring’ of the city

Additional resources:

Lianzhou International Photo Festival

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