Image Source: Wikimedia Commons. By: Mmj171188.

A small, Asian island has been completely swallowed by the sea—and it’s not part of the Maldives.

New Moore Island is now completely submerged underwater. If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s located in the Bay of Bengal and part of the Sundarbans (the largest block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world). It was also part of a 30 year dispute between India and Bangladesh; but at least that’s finally been resolved.

It may surprise you to learn that New Moore Island is not the first in the bay to be completely submerged. The island of Lohachara went underwater in 1996; all of the inhabitants had to move to the mainland. At least 10 other islands are also at risk, including Ghoramara, which is at least half submerged.

Apparently, sea levels of the Bay of Bengal were on a steady rise of 3 millimeters (0.12 inches) per year—until 2000. Since then, they’ve been rising nearly 5 millimeters (0.2 inches) per year. Oceanographer, Sugata Hazra, stated:

“We will have ever larger numbers of people displaced from the Sundarbans as more island areas come underwater.”

As the sea levels continue to rise, more island nations face the risk of becoming completely submerged. Even coastal and beach areas are vulnerable to the effects of climate change. More people will head for mainland, tourist areas will go under, agricultural areas face damages, and more habitats will be utterly destroyed. When will it end?