photo by (source: Flickr Creative Commons)

Prove your eco-knowledge or humiliate yourself by exposing your green ignorance with these short quizzes on the environment. Don’t cheat by googling and no do-overs!

Start with this eco-quiz called ‘Clearing up the smog‘ from CNN Earth’s Frontiers, which aims to shed light on ‘energy myths’. I am slightly ashamed to say that I got only 7/10 questions correct, but some of them were tricky. I was still awarded ‘boffin’ status so I don’t feel too bad.

I then scored an embarrassing 50% on msnbc’s ‘How eco-savvy are you?’ quiz. My excuse is that some of the questions are in fact trick questions, but the real point is to learn something, not to get a perfect score. That’s what I tell myself to get over indignity of it all.

I only got one question wrong on this quiz, which is admittedly for kids. But I really should have scored 100% because I don’t need a new bird feeder for every carton of milk I finish.

I fared considerably worse on the Economist’sGlobalization quiz‘, but it was hard ­– and didn’t have that much to do with the environment after all and a lot to do with having read recent articles in the Economist, which I hadn’t read. Go figure.

Discovery’s Planet Green offers the following quiz entitled ‘Would You Fall for an Eco-Myth?‘ on which I scored 56% correct. I got one wrong for putting basically the opposite of what I ‘wrongly’ answered in the msnbc quiz. Hint: it has to do with a trick question about rolling down your car windows vs. using air conditioning. Unfair!

Finally, I redeemed myself on Planet Green’s ‘Are You An Eco-Friendly Eater?‘ quiz with a score of 100%. Booya!