photo by herbrm (source: Flickr Creative Commons)

The buzz around London’s new Strata SE1 skyscraper isn’t coming from the 3 wind turbines that crown its razor-like pinnacle, but from the attention this futuristic piece of architecture is garnering.

The tower is part of a project to regenerate the central London neighborhood of Elephant and Castle. The rejuvenation project has been praised by a former U.S. president as an example of ‘sustainable growth’. No need for any obvious Clinton jokes there, I think.

From an article in the Guardian:

While wind speeds in the concrete jungle at the tower’s base would render a wind turbine pointless, at 42 storeys up they are capable of 35mph gusts – a serious challenge for the workers who created the complex steel structure – and are projected to generate 8% of the building’s electricity needs.

The Strata SE1 definitely looks cool and I’m glad it has some wind turbines. These will generate money via that feed-in tariff scheme that George Monbiot hates. After all, rich people who live in luxury skyscrapers need all the clean energy subsides they can get.

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