Mexico City – photo by Usfirstgov (source: Wikimedia Commons)

Unseasonal winter weather in Mexico has caused widespread flooding resulting in death and destruction in the states of Michoacan and Mexico State as well as in the massive capital of Mexico City. According to an AP article, there have been 29 deaths in central Mexico so far as a result of the storms.

Greater Mexico City is one of the three largest metropolitan areas in the world and lies in an enclosed mountain valley, making it vulnerable to flooding. The capital area is apparently inadequately prepared for floods of this magnitude. Heavy rains there have caused sewage canals to overflow and a state of emergency has been declared.

A mix of drain water and sewage flowed into thousands of homes and blocked major thoroughfares in the metropolis of 20 million people. About 7,500 homes were flooded, prompting emergency personnel to ferry people from their homes through chest-high water.


Unfortunately more heavy rain is expected in central Mexico in the following days. Watch this video report from Reuters showing dramatic footage of the record rains, flooded towns and human tragedy:

Mexico flood alert