Image source: Wikimedia Commons

UPDATE: Connie Hedegaard spoke briefly with the correspondents of LinkTV at the Copenhagen Climate Conference and stated that her resignation should not been interpreted as a “shocking” event, rather as her opportunity to work in the dark rooms for the last 2 days of the conference and work on the finalization of it.

Less than half an hour ago, during the COP15 UN Climate Conference, the resignation of Connie Hedegaard as president of COP15 was announced with immediate effect. The Prime Minister of Denmark will most probably replace the president of the UN Climate Conference. Connie Hedegaard will remain “on board” as a special advisor.

In October 2009, Connie Hedegaard already threatened to resign after being left out of an important climate meeting.

To follow these events live you can tune in to Link TV for the live coverage where the resignation of the president was just announced. We will of course update you as soon as we know more.

By Priscilla Lorenzo