Image source: travelizmo.com

There have been a lot of new inventions for eco-friendly transportation coming out this year. Ideas have ranged from cars to boats and even airplanes; but what about the RV? This is a mobile home away from home, and one that is supposed to whisk you away to natural places, so it would make sense to create a greener version of this, right? Yeah, and industrial designer Weili Feng agrees with you.

Introducing the Harmony Amphibious RV: equipped with hydrogen fuel cells, 4 in-wheel motors, a solar panel and enough room for 4 people to live in comfortably. The really cool thing about this RV is not only can you take it to your favorite camping spot, but it also converts into a watercraft! Yes, you can take this RV on the water. The solar panel also doubles as a sail and there is also a jet propulsion system located at the rear of the vehicle.

The RV is not on the market yet. Actually, it’s not even beyond the stages of a prototype yet; but with all the publicity it’s been getting lately, I would suggest to keep an eye out for it.