Styrofoam has been the bane of the earth and all types of environmentalists for decades. It’s durable, moisture-resistant, has multiple uses…and takes at least 5,000 years to biodegrade. Americans alone throw away at least 25 billion Styrofoam products per year; all of that is just taking up more and more landfill space.


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Now, there is finally some light at the end of the Styrofoam-packed tunnel. Dart Corporation—a manufacturer of Styrofoam products—is setting up bins across the US to collect Styrofoam. They intend to use the recycled Styrofoam in construction or remodeling projects, mainly as baseboards and moldings for the home.

Currently, they are only accepting a specific type of Styrofoam container: anything with a #6 on it. Why it is being limited to that specific number, I’ve no idea, but it includes just about any kind of take-out food or drink container, egg cartons, plates and some packing material. This does not include packing peanuts, although local shipping stores might accept them for reuse.

The latest Styrofoam recycling bin has been added in Kentucky, just up the road from Mammoth Cave National Park. Other locations are available in California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and even Canada. Dart plans to add more bins across the country, as well. Their website also includes a neat graphic on how Styrofoam breaks down and goes through all the steps before starting over.

Check out their site for more information on bin locations and other ways you can recycle Styrofoam.