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Autumn is quickly approaching, and there sure are a lot of events coming up this year.

Conventions, fairs, expeditions and more are happening across the globe, and here is your chance to get involved! You can join artists, poets and musicians in Tucson, Arizona, as they share and discuss how their work contributes to the understanding of nature. Perhaps you would like to take part in family activities at Australia’s Big Scrub Rainforest Day, or maybe attend a business conference in Hungary. You can even travel down the Amazon to help researchers with their conservation efforts!

The events range in duration and size, and will appeal to a variety of audiences, including politicians, scientists, artists, business folk and families. Some of them require pre-registration or have fees, so be sure to check into them well enough in advance! Whatever events you choose to get involved with this year, the important thing is that you are getting involved.

For a listing of events, more information and links, check out our Events page.