photo credit: Globovisión

Pakistan, China, Australia, Afghanistan, India, Colombia, Central Europe and the US state of Iowa have all recently experienced destructive, though greatly varied, levels of flooding.

According to the prime minister of Pakistan, some 20 million people have already been affected by the floods there, while the UN puts the number at 14 million. The first case of cholera has also been confirmed.

Independence Day in flood-hit Pakistan

Over 2,000 people have been killed in China so far this year as a result of floods, which have triggered mudslides, buried villages and washed away homes. A further 600 people are still missing with more heavy rains on the way.

China braced for more rain as death toll rises

In the north of Colombia, the city of Barranquilla experienced flash floods. This video from ITN News shows a young man rescuing two girls who were stranded in a taxi in the middle of swiftly flowing flood currents.

Dramatic rescue during flash floods in Colombia

Last week floods also plagued Central Europe; affecting parts of Germany, Poland, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. For a video report from Euronews on those flash floods click on the below link:

Flash flooding hits Central Europe

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