Niagara Falls. Pic: Chad Cooper (Flickr CC)

Niagara Falls. Pic: Chad Cooper (Flickr CC)

Here are three more videos containing footage of a freezing Niagara Falls plus one special documentary on the socio-economic impacts of the big freeze on one Chicago neighborhood.

From the Canadian side of Niagara Falls

From Euronews

And Reuters

The special treat is this short film from documentary photographer Jon Lowenstein, on how the polar vortex is affecting Chicago’s South Side. For the South Side the big freeze has been both literal in terms of ice, snow and plummeting temperatures – but also a metaphor for the economy and the local people, who have been isolated and “frozen out” from an affordable food outlet.

This winter has been difficult. It’s been one of the coldest on record and definitely the harshest in recent memory. The only time I can remember a comparable spell was ten days during my first year in Chicago when the mercury didn’t climb above zero degrees Farenheit for about ten days. It was cold.

This winter has seen the closing of our local supermarket. The Dominick’s helped feed this community of 49,000 people and ensured the people without cars could simply walk to the store and buy what they needed.

–Jon Lowenstein

Watch “Big Freeze: A Portrait of Chicago” below.

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