What with all the hoopla about CITES and endangered species these last couple of weeks, you may have forgotten about all the non-endangered animals that we, as humans, routinely endanger. Fear not, I’ve compiled a summary of shocking stories for your perusal.

On Monday 65 tons of dead fish were found floating on top of the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil after storms brought huge amounts of rotting plant matter into Lagoon. The dead plants caused oxygen levels in the water to drop, suffocating the fish. A similar incident in 2009 killed around 100 tons of fish in the lagoon, which is set to be the 2016 Olympic rowing venue. Olympic qualifying heats began today so hopefully the place didn’t smell too bad. I bet it did, though.

Read more in New Scientist and the Guardian.

Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon, pic: Glauco Wanderley (Flickr CC)

In a similarly macabre event, close to 6,000 pigs were discovered in a river outside Shanghai, China.

From the Associated Press:

The surge in the dumping of dead pigs — believed to be from pig farms in the upstream Jiaxing area in the neighboring Zhejiang province — has followed police campaigns to curb the illicit trade of pork products harvested from diseased pigs.

Fancy a swim? Don’t worry, authorities have assured residents that the Huanpo River is still safe. I’d stay away from pork, though. A provincial agriculture official blamed the mass pig deaths on cold weather. Yeah, right. When pigs fl– never mind.

Now over to the USA, where people are often doing stupid and cruel things with animals. Admittedly, you’d be hard put to find anywhere where people aren’t doing stupid and cruel things with animals, but local news in America is just full of these kinds of reports.

Lakewood, Washington – A 48-year old woman with a history of mental illness was charged with 4 counts of animal cruelty after authorities discovered that her absolutely filthy house contained loads of caged living and dead animals, including a parakeet, a rat, a rabbit, a cat, a couple of dogs, a gecko and a cockatiel. 14 animals were removed by animal control.

Read more here.

OK, that last story is almost typical, but in New Jersey another woman, who had previously worked as an animal control officer and currently with a local animal welfare group, was found to be hoarding hundreds of animals (both alive and dead) on her property. “Hundreds” of cats, 50 roosters and 15-20 rabbits, plus countless dead cats stuffed in shopping bags, were among the shocking finds. I’m guessing mental illness was a factor in this case as well.

Read more about it here.

Finally, in the state of Kentucky animal control officers found dozens of decomposing dead animals inside of a barn. The bodies include the remains of 16 horses, a donkey, plus several chickens, cats and dogs. Officials say the woman who is leasing the farm may have in fact rescued the animals and was trying to assist them. Mental illness again?

That story comes from WKRC in Cincinnati. Remember that show WKRP in Cincinnati? No? Well, I remember it being pretty good.