Picture credit: Brendan Cox / Oxfam

Remember climate change? Yeah, it didn’t go away. In fact it’s worse than ever. However, the media (and therefore the public) have largely lost interest. No more Amazon? More extreme floods and droughts? Bo-ring!

The Right in the US and Europe have succeeded in sewing enough doubt as to the reality of climate change that many people are just “confused” or “skeptical” so no large countries are really doing anything significant. The more sane elements in the governments of these nations still try to make money out of any “solution” to climate change. The free market will solve everything, apparently. It’s working out so well in other areas.

Climate change: Failure of democracy? Failure of capitalism? Failure of humanity?

Ah well…

Let’s look at some recent figures:

The “agreement” at Copenhagen in 2009 to limit global warming to a further 2 degrees is now unachievable, with a 50-50 shot at 3 degrees and a possible 5, which will happen by the end of the century if we carry on this way.

From Channel 4 News:

Researchers are confident that level of warming would see the tropical forests of the Amazon and sub-Saharan Africa become arid zones, forcing mass movements of people and agriculture north and southwards. The increased amount of energy in the atmosphere would result in new weather patterns, including more intense rainfall across the globe.

Oh and Arctic sea ice is rapidly melting and set to reach record lows.