photo by gosef (Flickr CC)

A couple of weeks ago severe storms ravaged parts of the United States.

The UK experienced the wettest June on record and July has been just as wet. Flash floods and freak weather have plagued the nation and more flooding is on the way.

Over in Russia recent flooding in the south of the country has produced very grim results: at least 171 people have died and thousands left homeless due to flash floods.

It’s not just humans that are suffering the effects of extreme weather and flooding. In northeast India severe flooding has killed around 600 animals in the region’s largest animal park.

Kaziranga National Park in Assam state is home to the over two thirds of the world’s remaining 3,100 one-horned rhino population. Among the dead animals are 14 rhinos and 2 baby elephants.

From AFP:

Assam has been the focus of severe regional flooding in recent weeks, triggered by heavy monsoon rains that caused the Brahmaputra river to burst its banks, inundating large areas of the state.

The human dimension to India’s flooding is tragic as well, with 130 deaths and 6 million displaced as a result of the floods.

For footage of the tragic flooding at Kaziranga National Park see the following video report.