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The biggest captive crocodile in the world’s status was recently confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Lolong, a massive salt water crocodile, was captured in September in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur province in the Philippines. The croc measures 6.17 meters (20.24 feet) in length and weighs 1,075 kilos (2,370 pounds).

Currently residing at a new ecotourism park near Bunawan, Lolong has already brought the town revenues to the tune of $72,000.

From the Associated Press:

Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Ramon Paje welcomed the Guinness announcement and the growing attention being given to the crocodile, saying it would help people realize the biodiversity of their surroundings and the need to protect it. He said he would recommend that the government help Bunawan become an ecotourism destination.

Lolong was blamed for the deaths of a little girl and a fisherman, sparking a 3-week hunt for the giant crocodile. It took 100 people to drag him from the creek where he was caught. Another, even larger croc was also spotted during the search for Lolong.

Check out the video report from ITN below.

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