photo by woodleywonderworks (Flickr CC)

Hurricane force storms ripped through parts of the United States this past Friday, felling hundreds of trees, causing several deaths and resulting in large scale power outages in the Washington, DC capital region of the United States.

In the hours following the storms some 1.5 million were without electricity in the DC area, with as many as 3 million on the eastern seaboard. Temperatures soared as high as 105F (40.5C) in some places.

The storms began on Friday evening following a day of record-setting temperatures, shattering the previous record set nearly 80 years ago. A temperature of 104F (40C) was recorded at Washington Reagan Airport, better known to those of us who grew up in the DC area as “National Airport”.

Winds were clocked at 60-90mph (95-145kph).

From the Washington Post:

The vast crescent of storms that swept across the Appalachians into the region on Friday night killed at least five people in the Washington region, with a total of at least 17 deaths in a swath of mid-Atlantic states reaching from New Jersey to Kentucky and as far west as Ohio.

For details of the storm and footage of the aftermath see the below video report from Al Jazeera English.