U.S. Air Force Photo by: Master Sgt. Jeremy Lock

Some 32,000 residents have been forced to flee their homes due to 8 rampant wildfires in the US state of Colorado.

As of Wednesday, firefighters had not been able to contain more than 5% of the 6,000 acre blaze in what has been called the state’s worst fire season ever.

Though the extent of the damage is as of yet unknown, media has been reporting that hundreds of homes have already been consumed by the fires.

From the Washington Post:

The wildfire was one of many burning across the parched West, blazes that have destroyed structures and prompted evacuations in Montana and Utah and forced the closure of a portion of Zion National Park.

Luckily, heavy rains fell in Boulder, Colorado yesterday, providing some relief and lessening chances of the fires reaching the city. Authorities warned, however, that the rain wasn’t enough to alleviate the extremely dry conditions that have resulted in weeks of fires in the region.

Temperatures in Colorado and other western states have been well into the 100-115F range (over 40c).

From the Los Angeles Times:

Even though we have made progress on this fire today and we feel that we can breathe a little easier, this situation will continue throughout the summer. The conditions are just ripe for these wildfires.

– Boulder fire spokeswoman Kim Kobel

See the following video report for more on Colorado’s wildfires.