wildfire in Colorado earlier this year. photo: Jeffrey Beall (Flickr CC)

Wildfires have forced the evacuation of hundreds of residents in the US states of New Mexico and Colorado.

An area of 30 sq mi (78 sq km) across both states was burned up by the fires over the weekend. The blaze consumed 18 buildings in Colorado and 40 in one area New Mexico in just two days.


From ABC News:

Hundreds of residents have been evacuated. Authorities sent at least 2,575 evacuation notices to phone numbers but it wasn’t clear how many residents had to leave, according to ABC News Station KMGH-TV in Denver.

The scent of smoke from the massive fires was smelt as far away as central Nebraska, Texas and western Kansas.

Dry timber and grass; strong, erratic winds and steep terrain are hindering the efforts of the firefighters.

From the Associated Press:

The Colorado wildfire was burning in the mountainous Paradise Park area about 15 miles west of Fort Collins. Officials didn’t specify how many residents had evacuated but said they had sent out more than 1,500 emergency notifications urging people to be prepared to evacuate if necessary. About 500 people had checked in at two Red Cross shelters.

Check out the below video from ITN News for more: