image by Toban Black (Flickr CC)

As controversial as the Keystone XL pipeline is, it could get worse.

Now Canadian PM Stephen Harper is looking to sell Alberta tar sands oil to China, which would involve another massive pipeline to carry the oil west to the Pacific coast.

The problem is the pipeline would cross some pristine wilderness and that is a worrying prospect to environmentalists and anyone who gives a damn about not polluting heavily, destroying nature, etc.


What’s more is that in order to expedite oil extraction and exportation Harper is rewriting Canada’s environmental regulations.

From the Washington Post:

The government has added provisions to an omnibus budget bill that would revamp the way the government reviews the environmental impact of major projects, regulates threats to fisheries and scrutinizes the political activities of nonprofit groups.

Sounds a bit undemocratic, greedy and irresponsible, but to hell with that – oil prices are high and China wants lots of the stuff.

In protest to the energy policies of Canada’s conservative government over 500 Canadian groups – as well as international organizations like the Sierra Club and darkened their websites on Monday.

Read more on the protest in the Morris Daily Herald.

For more on Canada’s plans to build a pipeline to the Pacific see the following video report from Al Jazeera English.