photo by Glisglis (Flickr CC)

People love to gawk at exotic animals in zoos, aquariums and wildlife parks. Some self-important individuals even like to collect tigers, pythons and monkeys so they can show them off to friends or impress strangers.

Remember the private animal collector in Ohio who released his collection of 56 exotic animals – including tigers, bears, lions and a baboon – and then killed himself? The police ended up killing nearly all the animals. That was an extreme example of what can go wrong, but honest mistakes also happen with results ranging from tragic to amusing.

An escaped penguin swimming in Tokyo Bay, Japan is more of an example of the latter. The young Humbodlt penguin broke out of Tokyo Sea Life Park two months ago and was recently spotted (and filmed) in the bay apparently doing fine. Tokyo Bay sounds a bit dirty for a penguin, but I guess at least some other animals manage to survive in it, despite the pollution and radiation.

Read more about that and see the video in the Guardian.

In the ‘breaking news’ category, an emu has been spotted on a golf course in South Wales, UK. Locals were also spotted feeding the giant Australian bird with sandwiches. Welsh hospitality, eh?

Elsewhere in the UK, in Devon to be exact, a lemur escaped from Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park. Lucky it wasn’t a dinosaur that escaped. Check out the pictures here.

More geographically close to their natural habitat, but still worlds away, two zebras escaped from a wild life park in Zimbabwe last week, resulting in confusion in the busy suburbs of Harare.

After a chaotic ordeal a group of locals caught one of the zebras and took it to a shopping center where it was eventually collected by park officials and brought back to the park with the other escaped zebra.