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White-tailed Eagle is one of the largest birds of prey in the world. It weighs up to 6 kilograms, with a 2.5 metre wingspan.
“During the period 1800-1970, White-tailed Eagles in most of Europe, underwent dramatic declines, and became extinct in many regions of Western, central, and Southern Europe. While Norway, Germany, Poland, and Iceland harboured the largest surviving populations, pockets of reproducing pairs remained in several other countries” – according to Wikipedia.

The White-Tailed Eagle (Polish: Bielik, plural Bieliki) is considered Poland’s national symbol and it is believed that it’s this noble bird that appears on the Coat of Arms of Poland, proudly wearing a crown since the 10th century. It’s worth mentioning that the crown was removed from its head under the rules of the Soviet Union (1945-1989), as there could be only one ‘King’!

The species nowadays, is under strict protection.

The online transmission from the Bieliki’s nest is a joint educational project of The Polish State Forests and  Eagle Protection Comittee.
The nest is situated on a 120 year old pine, 30 metres above the ground. In mid March, the female laid two eggs. The first egg hatched on 27-28th April, the other chick appeared on camera on 1st May.

I was lucky enough to witness feeding time twice. Follow this link to watch Bieliki live, or, if you prefer, have a look at the highlights from the nest here.