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You have to be nuts not to be eating nuts (pun intended)! Nuts are super-nutritious for you, easy to carry around, and delicious. With so many varieties of them, it’s hard to tell which ones are the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to nutritional punch.

We did the research, and we picked out the 5 “core” nuts that you should be eating daily to give you that daily punch you need for maximum energy at minimum cost.

Raw Almonds
Want to have “wolverine” like energy? Take about 40 raw almonds a day. Avoid the salted kind.

Brazil Nuts
Brazil nuts cover your daily selenium (a powerful antioxidant) requirements by 7 fold. No, literally! One ounce of brazil nuts will cover your track by 777%. Are you feeling lucky?

Asides from being able to use cashews for stir fry dishes and other delicious meals, cashews are heart-friendly. Low fat content, and the fat that is contained is of extreme health benefit to the heart.

Also super good for the heart and circulation.

Good as a source for Vitamin and generally good for the heart and muscles.

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