Up to one thousand locations in England and Wales may be contaminated with radioactive waste from military bases and factories. According to a new UK  government report, a quarter of these places have been already confirmed to be contaminated. These figures surprised the British people, all the more, because only in December 2011, the Ministry of Defence cleared about 15 landfills of nuclear waste in the entire country.
It leads the experts to one of two conclusions: either the authorities hid the real number of contaminated areas, or they did not realise the scale of the problem themselves.

“In 1997, I ordered examination of potentially contaminated sites and creation of disposal squares for radioactive waste. I am astonished and deeply concerned that this does not appear to have happened”,  former environment minister Michael Meacher told the BBC.

Radioactive contamination was discovered, among others, in Dalgety Bay and the former navy base in Chatham, Kent.

The Ministry Of Defence, has already announced that it will cooperate with local authorities, residents and owners of contaminated sites to find effective ways for the removal of radioactive wastes.

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