Starting your own little indoor farm doesn’t need to be difficult. It is in fact quite an easy process! Growing indoors is especially useful if long winters in your area affects how you get fresh produce. Growing indoors gives you an instant access to produce that’s essentially organic (provided you get the right seeds) and free of industrial pesticides. So let’s put on our garderning hats in place of our culinary outfit and get started!

First, get a pot. You don’t to spend your limited free time on gardening, so a self-watering pot will be your secret weapon. This type of pot reduces evaporation and allows plants to receive nutrients when and as they need it. It’s absolutely perfect for an indoor (and outdoor) gardens.

Get some soil and soil nutrients. Can’t plant without soil! And soil nutrients will help your seeds grow their fullest.

Once you have a pot, get a Vegetable Seed Kit. Humble Seed’s Veggin’ Out Kit is the easiest choice. It has 11 different non-GMO and non-hybrid seed varieties that are ideal personal gardening. These are great for people who follow a raw food diet and for those who seek the freshest, healthiest vegetables. The varieties include lettuce, broccoli, cucumber, and tomato to name a few!

If this is still too much work for you, you might want to consider a completely all-in-one indoor garden system, like the Aerogarden (pictured above). It’s an indoor hydroponic garden which you can easily grow anything. Herbs, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, you name it! It comes with bulbs and a gourmet herb seed kit – everything you need to literally start today.

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