photo by Kenneth Hagemeyer (Arizona Parrot on Flickr CC)

It must be hail season, though I’ve never before heard that a hail season exists.

On Tuesday I was caught in a sudden, though fairly light, hailstorm in central Scotland.

Yesterday I read a post here on Greenfudge that mentioned a recent hailstorm in Texas that caused disruptions at Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

And it’s not just the Scotland and Texas that have experienced hail this week. A poor doggy was left tied out during a hailstorm in Cheltenham, England.

Furthermore, California crops suffered major damage due to a hailstorm in that state.


150 acres of his 4,000 acre ranch were destroyed. He estimates that to add up to $300,000 in loss profits. Ag officials estimate the financial impact to the stone fruit industry to be quite substantial but won’t know the extent of the damage for several weeks.

And tornado warnings, including possibilities of baseball-sized hail are in effect for parts of Kansas and Oklahoma for late on Saturday. Read more from the Associated Press on that story.

By far the worst incident, however, took place in eastern and southwest China on Tuesday and Wednesday, resulting in 3 deaths and 25 injuries.

From China Daily:

Storms have also forced the evacuation of more than 700 people, destroyed about 2,700 hectares of crops and damaged more than 900 houses, the spokesman added.

See the following video report from ITN News for more: