Pets provide so much in our daily lives, from companionship and unconditional love, to entertainment while you’re playing with them and their favourite toys. However cats and dogs can carry a pretty large carbon footprint, comparable to owning an SUV (for dogs) or a small town car (for cats). The toys you buy for your pets can add to that carbon footprint as a lot of these playthings are mass produced and aren’t bio-degradable. For sensitive pets these toys can also be the cause of many of the symptoms your pet suffers from.

Our beloved dog Flex :)

Pet owners are rapidly switching from mass-produced rubber toys full of nasty chemicals to more eco friendly natural alternatives. In tune, manufacturers are popping up who sell only eco friendly pet products to consumers who want to give their pets the best available. These eco friendly pet toys are made from sustainable products, meaning that not only are they organic in nature, but most importantly you’re not handing your furry pal a chemically loaded rubber plaything to chomp on.

Turning your pet on to the greener side of life is very easy to do, and here are a couple of tips on how to get started.

Give your dog an eco friendly toy: Eco friendly dog toys are all the rage now and come in a variety of different materials. From recycled bottles to hemp, all these products are non-toxic and very durable so that they’ll stand the test of time, whether they’re being chewed on by a teething puppy or tugged on by a full-grown dog. Eco friendly pets toys don’t just stop at dogs, there is a huge range of cat alternatives as well.

Get your cat to scratch something organic, not your furniture: There are many eco alternatives out there to cat scratching posts. One of those alternatives is a scratch post made out of recycled corrugated cardboard. The texture is brilliant for the cats because it resembles tree bark, which is what wild cats would use to trim down their claws.

Give your furry friend a recycled bed to sleep on: Eco friendly pet products cover a wide range of pet accessories, beds being one of them. These beds can be filled with shredded rubber or soft foamy materials made from recycled bottles and are incredibly soft for your dog or cat. Covered in 100% organic cotton and your faithful pet will be in heaven.

Switch to using Biodegradable cat litter: When we scoop out used cat litter we usually don’t stop to think what will happen when we throw it away. So much so that an estimated 2 million tons of cat litter is left on landfills worldwide! But there’s an excellent biodegradable alternative available that is made from various plant resources, including barley, peanut shells, recycled paper, straw or wood shavings. This kitty litter is available in your usual clumping and non-clumping varieties, so there are no trade-offs to switching to a biodegradable version.

After researching this I’m definitely going to be switching my cat over to biodegradable cat litter and getting some eco friendly toys for my dog. If you’re interested in keeping your pets carbon footprint to a minimum, why not check out the marketplace and see what the sellers have to offer your pet.

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