Last month we featured the first innovation challenge from E.ON Innovation. This time around, the question to answer is “What new home energy products or services can you think of that enhance your health and happiness?

E.ON Innovation is an online innovation community, focused on encouraging the UK public to come up with the next big energy idea. Together with the new Channel 4 show Home of the Future E.ON is launching a new crowd sourcing project called E.ON Innovation.

As an avid believer in social challenges I have been following the E.ON Innovation project very closely, looking out for the new cool energy saving ideas of the future. While the first four innovation challenges centered around the concepts of rest, work, play and food, the fifth and final challenge is centered around health and happiness. By asking the question: “What new home energy products or services can you think of that enhance your health and happiness?” E.ON Innovation is looking for the next big idea that will make our lives easier, happier and healthier.

There are obviously a thousand and one answers to this question J. Living healthy to me means living without visible and invisible hazards, and when energy is concerned the latter gets me thinking. Happiness on the other hand gets me thinking about ways to facilitate daily tasks and chores, while embracing the concept of balance. Again on an energy level, there are so many options. So if you have a good idea, and you are a resident of the UK (except from the Channel Islands, sorry) I’d say give it a go and enter the challenge!

The best submission per challenge will win a home energy makeover of £2.000. One lucky winner amongst the five challenge winners will receive the “Shining Star” award and a home energy makeover worth £10.000!

Check out this video for an introduction of the project

So how can you put your mind to work for this project?

You must be 18 years or older and be a resident of the UK (excluding the Channel Islands).

You have until April, 9th 2012 to go to and submit your ideas for new products and services.

For inspiration you can check out the story of a Sheffield family as featured in the Channel 4 series Home of the Future, visit or join the conversation on twitter @talkingenergy using the hashtag #eoninnov.

Good luck! And keep us in the loop about your great energy saving ideas!

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