photo by Sam Gao (Sarmu on Flickr CC)

The purpose of World Water Day 2012 is to draw attention to the fact that some 783 million people live without access to clean drinking water.

World Water Day – ‘celebrated’ today, March 22nd – also highlights water conservation, wastage and consumption. Water is an increasingly more valuable resource as the Earth’s population grows and water-intensive activities like beef farming stretch world water supplies.


Greenpeace is marking World Water Day with a campaign to spread awareness of the pollution of waterways ­– especially in China – by the global textile industry.

The textile industry is the third largest source of industrial wastewater in China where as much as 70 percent of rivers, lakes and reservoirs are polluted. But as our latest research reveals, this pollution is not limited to the countries where heavy industry is located, but is happening in any country where the clothing is sold and washed. The list of brands implicated includes fashion heavyweights Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and G-Star, whose products contain chemicals that break down in water to form toxic and hormone-disrupting substances.


Actions to spread awareness about water pollution by the fashion industry and efforts to pressure textile and fashion companies to eliminate all hazardous chemicals from their supply chains and products are taking place all over the world.

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For more information on World Water Day, visit the UN’s World Water Day website and the WaterAid website.